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⬆️I aspire to a gold card, but I struggle to pay off my debts

These are neighbourhoods of young well-off commuter families, with many pre-school and primary school children.

These families often live in relatively large detached houses and have a long time left on their mortgage. However they have good incomes, and feel able to afford such long term commitments. These individuals are likely to be in their 30s, and tend to be professionals and managers with company pensions and company health care. They drive to work in company cars.

These families are financially aware. Where possible they will have regular savings plans and invest in stocks and shares. A child savings plan may cater for the childrens future. The high level of remortaging may indicate confidence in their ability to repay high levels of borrowing. They have credit cards with high credit limits, but their spending is not high.

The Internet is a popular channel for financial services, with e-banking fairly common with these households. On-line activity is generally high whether shopping, booking leisure activity, playing games or the childrens education.

These are young active people, taking part in aerobics, playing golf, rugby and going skiing. For entertainment they own a DVD player, subscribe to satellite TV and go to the cinema.


💬 golf? rugby?

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