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Spoke to the solicitor again, he has concerns that the lease of the flat is unreasonably restrictive, this is going to slow things down. I raised a couple of issues that he's not noticed (by not having seen the flat), namely that the lease says "the flat must stay carpetted", and currently a major selling point is the solid oak floors all through1, not a sound deadening dust trap in sight, and also the lease says "no TV aerials", and all the flats have a satellite dish. The lease also says "no TV or radio on after 11pm", and not the more normal "no playing music in such a way that annoys other tennants"... So, not sure what the next stage is, but it's sure to cost me more money. As the freeholder is a company directed by all the other leaseholders, possibly these clauses can be crossed out.

More 106 fun, a new cause for delay today, a huge lorry got itself actually wedged into the junction of Blackstock Road and the excellently named Rock Street up by the Finsbury Park mosque. I got some pictures of this to post up later, it caused a proper jam.

No change yet at work, everyone's busy with the music passport shows. As it turned out all staff that wanted to have got into every show so far, this is unlikely to be the case for The Cure or The Darkness though2.

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