Blog2011 ≫ Don't talk to me about Boris bikes...

My key just does not work, will I ever get another go on one of those bikes?

Just reading MJ Hibbett's blog1 and his plan involve Boris Bike bays and it reminds me that we tried to get a Boris Bike again on Monday. And our keys failed again. They have never worked, the only time I've been able to get a bike is when a member of staff took pity and released a bike using their key. I should have kept the bike, I may never get another one.

AND, my daily train ticket has gone up to 58.10 now, a day return with no underground. That's a lot of money2.

Clare had a rare night out last night, so I was in alone trying to clear down all the stuff that only I like on the sky plus. I finished Oz and Hugh raise the bar3, which was OK, and also From The Basement4 the Sky arts music show. Some good artists but not that compelling, I watched most of it on fast forward. Somehow I messed up the episode with the Raconteurs, so missed them. Dom if you are reading I have saved the episode with My Morning Jacket on, in case you still like them.

I spent some time programming too, have got rid of nearly all the joins in all my database queries on this site. Next stop nosql!

Back in the office again today. Looking forward to the weekend.

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