Blog2018 ≫ Got an odd text while we were away

One of Clare's friends is in New York the same time we are and coincidentally even on the same flight back. She got a call from her travel agent to say oops the flight has been cancelled. We have heard nothing, all seems to be OK from this end. She has been booked onto another flight by her agent; we were booked directly with British Airways anyway, no travel agent. I am hoping it is her travel agent that has messed this up. If the flight is genuinely cancelled, what will happen to us? We do not have much flexibility for this trip, because of school holidays and things. Fingers crossed...

I have migrated all my reminders from our Centerparcs trip to the next holiday on my holiday reminder app1. It has worked really well, you should give it a go!

Not quite sure about how to deal with things that are definitely a reminder for one type of trip but not another, for example packing the games console for the boys was a good one for the last trip, but not needed this time as it's adults only. I've settled on just ticking these jobs as done right away, but may come up with something better.

I'm tempted to add a countdown to it but then it becomes a bit too similar to something some people at work made I think and I don't want to tread on any toes.

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