Blog2011 ≫ Plant Fair at Dover White Cliffs

Clare is working the plant fair today, well counting the takings in the back room or something, so we took her in to work today and stopped for a look round. It's brilliant! I have bought some tumbling tomatoes, two different kinds of chillis and some strawberries. Strawberries are planted already in the stacking pot thing I got last weekend from mum, and two of the chillis are in new pots on the balcony. Going to try one of the other two chilli plants in the back garden, and one on the windowsill for now, not sure how hardy they are. Currently I have rocket in a hanging basket, stupid idea, and it's gone a bit ungainly and tough looking, guess I should have been picking off the tender leaves as it grew or something. It grew a lot taller than I was expecting too. Think I will dig that up now, maybe move it to a patch in the garden, and put the tumbling toms in the basket where they belong.

The boy is napping now, will cook me some pasta lunch and then finish this gardening before he gets up. Then off to the tip this afternoon to take some of the garden rubbish from last weekend. The day is flying by, will just have time to get something for tea before we have to collect Clare from work again.

Nice three day weekend again for me this week, it's going to be tough when it all settles back down to five days again. Won't happen for a while yet as we have two days at Suede next week.

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