Blog2009 ≫ Thinking of starting on twitter again

Haven't used twitter.com1 in two years2, and only really fiddled with it then, maybe it will be better now that everyone is using it? You may remember (what, you don't..?) I experimented with it3 for work but that didn't catch anyone's imagination either so I stopped. Had a heated discussion with some friends yesterday about it's usefulness and so on. Rolled out my hackneyed view of it:

I like blogging - it's people writing about stuff, even though no-one's actually reading it. The only downside of it is you have to think of something to say. Twitter solves that, still no-one's reading it, but now you don't even need to think of anything to say.

Have been wondering for a while about whether I could use it as a tool for my work, rather than just a promotional device. We have another system that I've been trying to hack timesheet info into, adding simple codes like PC:h1 and PC:m30 into the status updates of to say "PC spent 1 hour on this", "PC spent 30 minutes on this"... if I asked people to put this into their twitter updates instead (and the young folk at work would have no problem with this I'm sure) I could grab the info back from the twitter accounts that I follow... would need to extend the code along the lines of person:project:time then.

We did start using yammer at work but it has not caught on. This new code could transfer to yammer instead in the same way, and it would be easier to group work based users together then...

Time for work. No lift today and the weather is foul so I'm in for a soaking.

💬 Aha Dave says is already doing this

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