Blog2008 ≫ Are you sure Hazel didn't register in both your names?

I wouldn't think the BBC would spam out invitations for something like this. We both registered (in our own names) though I didn't go for the competition aspect of it, so I won't get some researcher from Radio One seeing if I'm fun enough (and young enough) to do a competition on air... If you do end up winning tickets sell them...

Apparently 10% of tickets will be allocated to "locals", so if there are aboout 35,000 to give away in total that leaves 3,500 reserved for Kent, or perhaps even just reserved for Maidstone.

Best chance of our lot is Dean, he works in Maidstone so he's given the office address, fingers crossed he gets tickets.

Not at all arsed about seeing any of the bands, but it's just because it's happening in Kent that I feel we ought to pop along. Hopefully going to get a look in at Zoo Thousand (fest happening right by where we got married) and the Mighty Boosh Festival, if it happens.

Ah, it wasn't made up Neil Young is playing in Kent too... at the Hop Farm, the same location as the supposed Mighty Boosh Festival.

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