Blog2018 ≫ Busy Sunday

Early start today, especially for me. Up at 6am to start week four of Couch To 5k. Much harder this week, three minutes of running, two and a half of walking, five minutes of running, then repeat. I actually did a bit more, first so I wouldn't fall into sync with some other people who are walking on Princes Parade (surprisingly busy at that time in the morning) and then because I had gone so far from home and had to get back so I did an extra run at the end. Feeling virtuous. Two more days of this pattern then on to some longer runs...

Took Clare into pump class so we could keep the car, to take thing two to a party in Hythe, then either get haircuts for me and thing one, OR just go to a cafe. We'll see.

Just writing up my thoughts while I wait for the Sainsbury's delivery, but also doing a little work. Polishing up my continuous integration ideas, then I have to update loads of Google Maps keys ready to go live in the morning.

Clare is out at the pub watching the World Cup final with her bro today. She is gointo feel great for work tomorrow...

5k: Five km, just over three miles in old money.

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