Blog2018 ≫ Cooler today

Weather has definitely got more autumnal.

Beetle started fine this morning, now the solar powered trickle charger is back in place. My emergency jump starter1 is now back on full charge ready for next time. I really appreciated it yesterday, I would not have made it home in time for swimming without it. This is not exactly the one I own1 but I think it is a newer version.

No run this morning but been out for a short lunchtime walk, and will have to pick up my step count later. Will be late home from work because it is demo day, and then got to make the buddha bowl tea. I read this today and it made me think maybe I could cook the spinach in our buddha bowl for extra nutrients. Is surprising that cooking it makes it better, but it's the same with carrots apparently. We already have the cabbage raw in this dish, so we're doing pretty well.

Anyway will be out walking after I've eaten that, in the autumn drizzle...

Starting to make plans for a trip to London around Thing Two's birthday, as that's what he wants to do, go to the Natural History Museum.

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