Blog2005 ≫ No I was not looking for "paula"

Checked out MSN's new search1 after hearing people slating it, and I have to say I'm giving it a lot of love. Only because I'm coming up top result for everything I've tried to provide any content about.

Try: Pauly2, Folkestone3, Folkestone gigs4, Folkestone restaurants5, Stokey6, Stoke Newington7, RSS8, etc...

Guessing as it grows in popularity I'll lose some ground, but often I'm beaten by clearly less relevant pages on MSN search1 is skewing me towards UK results though. Guess that matters more to me anyway, my Folkestone gigs page is of limited interest to those in the Americas. Hmm, maybe there's some inbuilt vanity detection feature, so that it knows the homepage of the person who's searching and it boosts the results of that? More later, it's too early for this, I have to get to work.

Man there's a lot of squirrels about right now. I love squirrels.

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