Frittering the long weekend away

Frittering the long weekend away

As suspected, this weekend is nerly gone, have we achieved much? Saturday was a normal sort of Saturday, the regular routine of going to Tesco, collecting the click and collect shopping , and delivering the boys to grandpa's. I was somehow way ahead of the game, where normally we're running very late. I think I went for a run before1, then we went round Tesco twice, and put petrol in the car, and were still too early for the click and collect. That was OK but then Jim wasn't back home yet so I couldn't drop the boys off, so went to Homebase too before I could go to his house. Then I did a little more electrical DIY, replacing the light switch in the kitchen with a remote control. I've had the smart bulbs in there for a while, but no remote, so it was all on the normal switch. We obviously don't really need "remote control" in the kitchen, and the remote is fixed to the wall where the old switch was, but it is definitely paying dividends already. Every evening when Clare or the boys go from the lounge to the kitchen they leave the lights on either in the diner or the kitchen, and now I can turn them off again without leaving the sofa. They're part of my "I'm watching TV, those lights should all be off and these should be dimmed" scene that is connected to the button by the sofa. It's all working perfectly.

remote control light switch from ikea

We went to Folkestone yesterday and the mini golf at the Harbour Arm was great! It's quite simple, but not as simple as I first feared, it's better than that other one at West Hythe. It's no Puttshack, but there are a couple of motorised features, a windmill, and a raising drawbridge. The Harbour Arm was quite busy, plenty of people out and about. After we walked up to the new deli / food market that's under Market Square and it's amazing. Until fairly recently I would have said it was too expensive and extravagant, but it just has loads of really nice stuff. We bought beer and chili sauce and some Folkestone baycon which I'll be having for lunch today. Then Clare drove home and I walked, and then I remembered I had the only house key so we met up again part way home...

We got dinner from Tin And Tap, tasty but none too healthy. I think I liked it more than anyone else did. They do use a lot of salt there. Film night was Wayne's World and it's not even as good as I remember, we turned it off before the end.

I can't put off the new bulbs, switches, and PIRs in the hallway for much longer. I think I have all the bits I need now. I got Clare to order the adapters to plug the edison screw bulbs into the bayonet light fittings on her amazon prime, so they arrived yesterday. I don't know why I ordered two though, when I have three bulbs, so that might actually stop me getting it all working today, even if I do get off my butt and start it.

I've canned a couple of DIY jobs and removed them from my todo list. I can't find a zigbee relay to be able to turn the fan off in the bathroom, so that's still manual for now. Also I tried a colour changing light in the bathroom, but it's not bright enough, so not doing that either.

Looks like I was at The Darkness today in 2002 and 2003.

1. Ah no, turns out the run was Sunday morning, not Saturday.


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