Blog2004 ≫ Anapod update

I use anapod to organise my IPOD, and it's great. It looks like a regular explorer window but you can use it to browse the IPOD by artist / title / genre etc instead of by physical directory... anyway they've just announced another update with support at last for the composer tag... this is the one extra main tag that the IPOD organises by, that no-one seems to use... tried to use it myself when I did a bit of ID3 work. But failed.

There's also "preliminary" support for other features I've wanted to see more of, ratings and play counts, and more. Get it from - this is the one bit of downloadable software that I've actually gone on and paid for!

Chaos in the Chalk Farm area today, all the cash points in the area are down again, I am skint, and there are no teabags in the office. This collapse in civilisation may or may not be related to the fact that The Cure are turning up here at some point this afternoon to do their Music Passport show... will I get in? Stay tuned...

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