Blog ≫ 2024 ≫ Runuary day 15

Did not head out early. Was trying to figure out when best to go when work announced we have been awarded two "wellness hours" to be used this week. Take an hour off, go outside, look at the sky. Sounds like "go for a run" to me, so I did. Took the hour before lunch so I could go out and then still have a proper lunch.

I messed up very slightly, forgot to start my watch for nearly a kilometre, so this is 6km I think, Adjusted my route, partly because of this, and partly because it was so sunny out. I was going to go up the hill again but it was looking too bright and lovely (though pretty cold) to tear myself away from the sunny seafront. It was a great run, absolutely no wind, lovely. Until I turned around, then I realised there had been a gentle breeze at my back for the first 3km. So, into the wind on the way back.

Did not take water, I have stopped taking water out with me. Don't really need it only running short distances like this. I knew I would be going past a water fountain too in Sandgate, so I used that.

Nearly half way there now.

Everyone else is watching Star Wars again on TV, so I'm sat on my new heated throw writing this. I've got a new wine magazine, but I'm not going to put myself through that while I'm not drinking. Got my free trail walking magazine too, I can look at that. Finished the Alperton Angels1 book, and the author did manage to bring it all back together by the end. Still plodding through Ian McEwan's Solar1 but not loving it.

A clear sky and a gentle breeze, -3 - 3℃.

5k: Five km, just over three miles to you.


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