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Back in work today, the wedding was amazing. I have several days to catch up on here, but if you want to cut right to the chase, here's a picture of us:

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More wedding pictures here1... The long weekend started on Wednesday, which I already kind of covered. We went out drinking at The Clifton, stayed right till closing, then got people back to ours for more drinks. We stayed up playing pool and being loud until 4am or so, I am dreading bumping into any of our neighbours. You only have one wedding weekend though so I hope they'll understand. Guests of honour were one of my new brothers-in-law Kevin and his wife Krishna, visiting especially from Miami. Krishna pointed out that if you google for her only this site comes up. And now it will again! Krishna sensibly went home at closing time, but Kev joined us in feeling like crap the next day...

Thursday my family and friends started to arrive, and we had a few light chores like collecting the suits from Canterbury and doing a dry run of the wedding ceremony in Ashford. Leaving Clare at her mum and dad's looking much like this2:

[picture removed]

everyone else came to Chambers for food and drinks. Not sure all the Fareham chums were that enamoured with it, six of them went for a proper sit down dinner at The New Delhi. Much boozing and a really good night out, it's rare to get family and friends together like that. Not too late to bed.

Up early Friday with not a lot to do before the wedding, ate a good vege fry up in Sandgate, and played pool at home with best man Andy. He got me to the castle3 on time, so then I just had to wait for Clare... She kept me standing at (whatever the civil equivalent of) the altar for fifteen minutes I think. She looked amazing, as you can see in the photo above (the one in the white dress, not the blue curlers), so from then on it's a bit of a blur. Everything went amazingly fast, the ceremony, our sprint back down the aisle (to "Don't Stop Me Now"), the meal, even the speeches went fast. We had an Irish band and a DJ, so there was something for everyone, and before you know it the night was over. I don't feel I've said enough about the wedding, but I'm a bit lost for words at how good it was. It's particularly ace to be at a bit party and realise you know everyone. We are lucky to have so many great family and friends who could make it. I wish we could have had more there, to have invited everyone we knew, but for one the venue wouldn't hold it, and for another we didn't really get time to speak to everyone we did know. Everyone, if you're out there, we had a wild time, thankyou very much.

We stayed in an amazing room at the Hythe Imperial, with a TV in the jacuzzi and everything.

Saturday we didn't get time to catch up with many friends before they had to head home, but we had a great meal for the family at Portofino and then more drinks at The Clifton. How long have we been going there, without knowing they have a POOL TABLE? There's a games room under the main bar, with pool and table tennis. We got late drinks and sat in the other lounge as most of the family were residents there.

Sunday it started to feel like things were over, my folks and my Nan and my sister and family all left, though we did have an evening curry to look forward to. Spur of the moment we went out for a pub lunch with my new in-laws, and had to try half a dozen country pubs before one wasn't fully booked. We ended up at The Palm Tree, a bit of an old style family country pub. They were all out of the vege options, but we were sat down before finding this out, so I settled for salad and chips. Anyway, discovered lots of fine looking pubs in Elham, so we will be returning. As mentioned, a bit of a party and then curry for tea round Deano's, that's the perfect Sunday. Not having to work the next day helped.

Yesterday we had more chores, returning things to Whitstable and Canterbury. Caught up with Lost4, that is looking GREAT. What on earth is going on though.

Up early this morning, and back at work. BOO! Two weeks to honeymoon.

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