Blog2004 ≫ Stoke Newington Train Times

Live departure boards from Stoke Newington1, that's quite a handy little page...

Also javascript:function%20s(q){r='';t=0;for(i=0;i<q.length&&r.length<255;i++){c=q.charAt(i);if(c=='<'){t=1};if(c=='>'){t=0};if(!t){r+=c}}return%20r}w=window;d=document;l=location;q='';f='';if(!q&&w.getSelection){q=w.getSelection();f+=''+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q&&d.getSelection){q=d.getSelection();f+=''+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q&&d.selection){q=d.selection.createRange().text;f+='d.s'+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q){q=d.body.innerHTML;f+='d.b'+q+'%250D%250A'}l.href=(''+escape(l.href)+'&mSubject='+escape(d.title)+'&mText='+'%5B%5B'+escape(l.href)+'%5D%5D%250A%250D'+s(escape(q))) here's the favelet / bookmarklet I wrote to grab pages that take my fancy and chuck them in the weblog, needs a bit more work... you can't start new threads here, but javascript:function%20s(q){r='';t=0;for(i=0;i<q.length&&r.length<255;i++){c=q.charAt(i);if(c=='<'){t=1};if(c=='>'){t=0};if(!t){r+=c}}return%20r}w=window;d=document;l=location;q='';f='';if(!q&&w.getSelection){q=w.getSelection();f+=''+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q&&d.getSelection){q=d.getSelection();f+=''+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q&&d.selection){q=d.selection.createRange().text;f+='d.s'+q+'%250D%250A'}if(!q){q=d.body.innerHTML;f+='d.b'+q+'%250D%250A'}l.href=('[1925](/wiki/#1925)&mPrecis='+escape(l.href)+'&mSubject='+escape(d.title)+'&mText='+'%5B%5B'+escape(l.href)+'%5D%5D%250A%250D'+s(escape(q))) this favelet will let you post a reply to this post. Right-click and bookmark the link or drag it up to your toolbar, and then click it when you see a page you think I might be interested in. OK, you don't have to, this is mostly to remind me to take this into work.

Also remember to go to Fresh and Wild and buy mince. This reminds me of Bill and Ted2 "you gotta remember to steal your Dad's keys"...

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

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