Blog2003 ≫ Don't fear the beeper

Plan for the day, change submitEvents() to editBill() - what does this mean? You have no idea do you? How queer.

Also further Blue Oyster Card fears, if the little scanning device that reads your card is on the right hand side of the ticket barrier, as they are at the moment, what happens if you have your Oyster Card in your left hand pocket and don't realise it? Will this open up the gate to your left?

I know Metro is not to be trusted as a guide to public feeling, and I understand it's from the stable of the Daily Mail. However, I am pleased to read it's two leading letters today are anti-house rise rants. The first is a diatribe against guarantor mortgages, good, as I don't / won't have one of those, and it really gets my goat watching property programmes were some twenty something has 400k to spend... The second is saying "all first time buyers, don't" as this could cause a price crash, which would then help us first time buyers. Uncharitable, as people who've overstretched themselves and then needed to get out of the market would suffer, but, it's a dog-eat-dog world. Getting more soapboxy every day...

Camera Obscura tonight.

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