Blog2024 ≫ New car

The new car is so futuristically new that it has USB-C charging. You cannot charge the car via USB, it's not an electric car, it's still a "mild hybrid" I think. But, if you want to plug your phone in to charge you need a usb-c lead. It also has better lights than the last one. It's not that different to the old car but just different enough. Where did eco-mode go? Is Clare really going to have to turn the "you're driving too fast" beeper off every time she goes out?

We did treat ourselves to a lovely Wagamama while we were out, as planned. We made the mistake of having a stroll round Ashford Outlet Centre before sitting down though, just some window shopping to work up an appetite, and we bought T1 a new coat and me a new shirt. It's a plaid shirt, but padded and furry lined. A shacket really. I was looking at one from Passenger, but saw this in the flesh, so bought it. It's very me.

Now home, to watch Gladiators on TV.

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