Blog2004 ≫ I pity the fool who's not looking forward to this

A-Team movie on the way1... no really this time! I heard from a mate at work that Stephen J Cannell2 had been quoted somewhere saying it was go, so I searched, and was half way through this3 before realising he made those comments in 1996... we'll see then. Are we ready for the "who would play..?" posts yet? George Clooney for Hannibal? I think Mr T is a very hard act to follow, probably BA should be all CGI, like Scooby Doo4.

I'm slightly afeared of the idea of the series being brought up to date, I'd much rather see it all done retro-80s style. By bringing it up to date they'd have to make them Gulf War veterans instead. Would Murdoch then really piss of victims of Gulf War syndrome?

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