Blog2018 ≫ Car hassle nightmare day

Hmm beetle troubles today, something went clunk, feels like a spring has broken or something. BAD to drive, making proper noises coming into work. Just trying to get in touch with the guy who did some work before, and I'll take it there this afternoon. Forgot my phone today so looking him up on line and I SEE HIM BEING RUDE ABOUT MY CAR1.

If it's anything expensive this time, it's going.

Had a nice walk and trip to the park yesterday afternoon, a very pleasant family day. Then a really good episode of Beck on TV last night. Back to work today, normally working from home on a Monday but I had a meeting I wanted to be in in person. So, drove in after the school runs, and that's how I got to this point. Going to have to take the afternoon off but will I have to drive via home? Think I will as then otherwise I'll be stranded out near Ashford, and I'd need the phone to have an idea how to get home again...

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