Blog2011 ≫ Fresh Meat was good wasn't it?

We caught up with new Channel 4 student comedy from the people who brought you Peep Show Fresh Meat yesterday, funny and easy to relate to. Only the clean wholesome stuff though obviously. I liked it a lot. And 8 out of 10 Cats is back tonight, spoiled for TV at the moment, not enough time to watch it all. We are even two days behind with Coach Trip and Pointless.

I also watched chilly celeb reality show 71 Degrees North yesterday at Clare's insistence. She liked it, but it didn't grab me.

Got a thing going on at work today where I am meant to be handing out champagne to everyone, not quite clear if is meant to be a reward to me or a punishment. It's not just me it's everyone who worked on the cloud project recently.

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