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Man it's so cold here today that my mouse ball is frozen, it's making it very difficult to work... the office is going to be dead quiet today, most people seem to have this whole week off, I'm still hoping for some fairy godmother type to appear from the finance dept and say "you realise you've got more holiday to take this year" or something... c'mon...

Didn't make it to Hibbett's gig yesterday in the end, though we did try... waiting for the bus I was thinking that all I needed was a fairly subtle sign not to go, if the bus didn't turn up, or if it had a wonky headlight or something, or if it didn't arrive in the next ten seconds, that would have done it... but it showed up fine, and got us to Finsbury Park sans difficulty... however the Victoria line was then broken, and there was a replacement bus service taking us to Brixton... clearly this is a no-no on a freezing Sunday evening, so we got the bus right back into Stokey again, a couple of pints in the Defoe (no pool though, I've never seen the place so busy) and then on to Il Bacio for a lovely penne arrabiata. I was wary about trying the house wine, as I remembered it as being a bit ropey, but had it anyway - turns out I was thinking of the wine we've had in the takeaway across the road, this one was lovely, I really do like Il Bacio. The picture of the swimming dog is still there, and still not for sale. Oh and I know the names of the dogs in The Defoe now, it's Billy and Misty, there is a big "Seasons Greetings from Billy and Misty" picture on the outside of the pub.

Saw an interesting new excuse for delays on the 106 while we were waiting for our return to Stokey, instead of the usual smoke and tea break while reading the paper, the driver took his mat up to the top of the bus and had a bit of a pray on it, never seen that before.

Yet again there is no tea in the office, so do I go and buy a box (again) only to have it drunk by people who won't replace it? Or do I buy a box and hide it? Or I could just go and buy a cup of tea... might have pie and chips for lunch today, as we'll be out boozing with no tea, going to see Damon Albarn and Friends tonight at Neighbourhood, unless someone makes a crazy bid for the tickets... I am hoping that "and friends" means "Alex and Dave and the return of Graham", and that it's Blur-tastic, but am not overly confident.

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