Blog2006 ≫ PSP firmware 2.60 hacked

If you can ignore the hyperbole about "accomplishing the unthinkable", and the fact that you have to abort a game of GTA in order to load a game of Tetris, this PSP update about hacking1 is interesting. No really - it opens the door to getting unauthorised software onto even the newest and most tightly locked down PSP's. I was annoyed that I'd updated Clare's (thinking that this option wasn't open to us), but it seems that we're free now to start messing things up.

Speaking of messed up, everything computery seems to be going a bit weird today, my browser at work's gone crazy eating all system resources TWICE so far today, and it's all gone a bit pete tong at home too. Typically Clare is working from home on the day when the home network has given up - could be connected with the new camera, the network has been dropping out once a day since I installed it, and all was fine before. I've just about managed to talk her through joining up wires around the house and now she's online, but the camera's still not. This is BAD, because a) I want to keep an eye on here and b) I want to see our new bookcases arrive... We're both kind of dreading them arriving and the delivery people making a fuss about carrying them up two floors, or them not fitting through the doors.

Last night's TV while I'm here, very much enjoyed "Who Do You Think You Are", but "Hyperdrive" wasn't all that really.

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