Blog2009 ≫ Due day plus lucky THIRTEEN?

Nope still nothing doing. Looks like tomorrows inducing is on

No actually, no movement today either. Clare doesn't feel any more like she's about to go into labour than she has done any day so far, so looks like we will be keeping our appointment with the indcucinator at 7am tomorrow.

Before that got a bit of a party for Clare's mum's birthday, she has some friends round for a curry and has got me to burn a CD of music. Man alive it must be getting on for the worst playlist that ever was, I should have spottified it so I could share the pain with you all.

Sounds like there were just eleven votes in it our ward in the local elections, I voted on the winning side1. I'm not an loyal lib dem but they were the strongest alternative to the Conservatives. I should be careful what I say maybe, a colleage at work was voted in as a Tory councillor in Swale, and Clare's cousin in law will be standing in the general election for them.

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