Blog2009 ≫ Big spend up

May not have managed to get a car or a house yet but I think it's time to get [a new camera](" title="Canon IXUS 90?tag=clarkeology-21)1. We used to have an old version of this and it was good, seems clunky and heavy and slow now and basically just wore out, so I'm looking forward to getting the new version1. Clare was never impressed with our Sony one we got, mostly down to me not being able to take a good picture with it. So it's a good job she lost it really, gives us a good opportunity to spend saved christmas and birthday money on something.

UPDATE: Amazon cancelled my order, I guess the merchant selling it couldn't actually meet the 160 odd quid price, they've put it up to over two hundre now! I have re-ordered from instead, 173 including delivery.

Got our Bugaboo Cameleon in the week too, bought this on ebay last weekend and I collected it Friday. It's great, bit complex, but this is GOOD because it means it's well hi-tech - it's a proper dad's pushchair.

ALSO, got my XBOX too, well it was pay day... actually this was a fairly minor spend up, 30 quid from a mate at work, including an armful of games that I will never play, and the all important remote control. Need a bit of tweaking to get it media centering, and I think I need some help and some more time to do that. Might go and plug it in now though and have a quick go on Halo or Splinter Cell or something... wait, where did the day go?

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