Blog2009 ≫ More wifi fun

Got my imac up and running with osx at last, this is GOOD. Thought I could just plug my wireless dongle12 in and be ready to go, streaming itunes around the house, but NO! Got drivers for it for OSX (there are none for OS9), but it's USB2 and this old iMac only has USB1 so it won't recognise it. Had the network adapter going spare anyway, but am loathe to spend any more money yet to make this work by buying another one, so am going to try another tack. Got a spare router, if I can set that up as a bridge and then ethernet it to the imac I can achieve the same end (having the imac on the internet without a cable trailing from the only phone socket in the flat and my main router). Bit uglier but it's what I think I'll have to do for the xbox anyway.

It's hard work trying to get some useful life out of old hardware. Looking first at tomato firmware and as recommended (new firmware that I can load onto the old dog router to make it do some new tricks) but neither of those seem to support the hardware I have1. So I might end up having to buy another router anyway. Double annoying as I just threw another one away while I was having a clear out, who needs two spare routers, I though :-(

Still not got this new Lost podcast3, it won't fully download. It's a massive video episode, nearly as big as the double episode of Lost itself. Looks like they're not doing an audio version any more, so no more tuning in on the way to work.

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