Blog2008 ≫ Pasta and sauce confusion

Got some pasta and sauce to microwave for lunch, really had nothing else left. Instructions say:

1 Place 400ml of cold water and the contents of the packet into a non metallic bowl and stir 2 Cover and microwave on full power for 5 1/2 minutes 3 Halfway through heating stir, re-cover and microwave on full power for a further 5 1/2 minutes 4 Leave to stand for 2 minutes before serving.

Is it just me or is that nonsense? Take it out half way through the first 5 1/2 minutes and then put it on for another 5/12 minutes? Is that 2 3/4 minutes plus 5 1/2 minutes, discarding the second half of the first heating period, or what? Maybe instruction 3 should be split in two:

[em]3 Stir halfway through heating 3a Stir, re-cover and microwave on full power for a further 5 1/2 minutes[/em]

Not sure I can measure out 400ml of water here at work without doing it in teaspoons, AND I have use of a company car today, so I might nip out to Waitrose instead. Had the car for one day, and I'm finding excuse after excuse to use it. If I got a car full time, I'd probably never walk anywhere again, man alive.

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