Blog2003 ≫ Still no hot water

Did another 5k on the bike this morning, worked up a sweat so that the prospect of a cold shower was quite appealing.

Off to Winchester tonight for dinner as a friend (Jules) is back from Denmark for the week.

Funeral yesterday was very sad, duh, it's always good to catch up with the friends who were there who I don't see often enough. The temperature didn't hit the elusive 100 degrees Fahrenheight that had been mooted though, something to be thankful for while stood there sweating in a suit.

Planning a holiday with just about the whole of the family for May next year, could be very good indeed, could be a bit stressful too, we'll see...

Have added search links to the side bar of this, got to tweak the searching thing so that it offers you more search options when you get the search results...

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles to you.

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