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No time to write anything yesterday, not much to report except our train in the morning was short a few carriages, so we all had to squeeze up, and our carriage was then full of chattering bastards. Also there was no heating, so it was freezing and noisy, not a good way to start the day. Our train home was delayed too. Can't remember what happened between these two rubbish commutes.

I've now seen The IT Crowd1, the new IT dept based comedy, a supergroup of a comedy (writer of Father Ted2, producer of The Office2 and Chris Morris3), and thankfully it's very good. Good of Channel 4 to put the episodes online4, not sure why they've done that - maybe to make nerds write about it and give it more of a boost for it's first week. There's been a lot of talk about it being a traditional sit com, and not too modern in it's techniques like Kerb Your Enthusiasm2 or The Office2, but whether it is or not, it's funny. Chris Morris3' character reminds me of CJ in The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin2, though at times it feels like he's doing a spoof of an actor like that. Maybe that's just me, don't try and over analyse it too much. The IT Team are good too, and accurate in their speech and behaviour, though not sure about Moss (Richard Ayoade)5's outfit - it's just too nerdy for a real nerd, it's the wardrobe of someone ironically dressing as a nerd from '50s american movies.. You do get that sort of thing in IT, it's a very complex business, so maybe it's just super perceptive... Roy (Chris O'Dowd)6's mail order in joke t-shirts7 are closer to the truth. Heard a lot of people (on the popbitch forum8) slagging it off before I saw it, and a couple of the jokes are a bit predictable, but mostly it's bang on the money. Not sure it will take over from Spaced as the ultimate nerd comedy.

Working from home today, someone's coming to fit a TV aerial I hope.

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