Blog2003 ≫ Flat inspection

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          |    550 |      907 |
          |    551 |        3 |
          |    552 |        6 |
          |    553 |       20 |
          |    554 |      114 |

The letting agent is round to inspect the flat today, hopefully they'll make notes about the damp and the leaking roof, and not give us too much hassle about anything else... the place is clean and tidy and nothing's been changed or damaged really, so there shouldn't be any problems...

The monster email for the Queens of Noize went out fine, 8400 unique mails in about 50 minutes, and the list was "cleaned" for the first time... found about 100 bad addresses in there, as you can see... there are about 10,000 accounts that were added with no intention of adding them to our mailing list, so my spams are not as unpopular as it looks...

Just put that little illustration in really as I've been reminded I shouldn't use tables for layout1, just feeling a bit defiant2.

Working on street team things (seems there are disagreements about how profitable this will be) and more Excel file manipulation...

Also today we received an unsolicited mail offering to set up a shop for Barfly, basically just using Amazon - this is sure to gee things along and we'll be doing more things using Amazon's own dev kit, like I've done here

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