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Do you want to come and work here? See our recruitment video.

I'm positive they said they would ask permission before they featured us, I think I'm pretty definitely featured there in the bit where they say WE'RE LOOKING FOR A WEB GURU!!! That's not my job, that's not actually the side of the company I work for, that's the side with the shiny new desks and things. But hey, have a look round our office, have a look at the people I work with. 'Phone me up, tell me I should have got my hair cut before I appeared on "telly" like that. if you want to work here.

UPDATE: Someone's taken it down. I'm sure it's only temporary, it's an ad, it's meant to be seen, I did not leak something that was not already public! Hello to all the people from work who have found this page now.

UPDATE UPDATE: And it's back - there are at least two of them up there, possibly this is an even newer version1.

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