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Using my weekend here in Folkestone on my own for a bit of a wander around. I've joined the library1, and checked out a bit of the history of my flat. I saw the building showed up on the 1906 Ordnance Survey map that I bought a while ago, and now I've had a look at the 1871 and 1898 editions. 1871 was the first OS map of Folkestone, and the town didn't really spread as far west as our road then, it really was all fields. On the second edition of 1898, the road is there, but has only one building on it at our end, which is next door to us and still standing. So that dates our flat to somewhere between 1898 and 1906 then.

The library's a bit too quiet for me, and full of loons to boot, so heading off now. Oh yeah I'm posting this from the library, get free interweb access there, nice! Only one hour a day (or is it per week?) so can't use this for working from home or anything.

There's quite a good range of DVD's here, they're no cheaper than our Amazon rental thing, or even Blockbuster though. Don't think I want any books, so picked up a copy of The Quarter2, and am heading off to a cafe, or maybe a pub for a bit of a sit down. Had a nice ramble along the sea front on the way here, development is picking up pace, good signs. It's a bit misty here today, warm and spring-like enough, but not the exotic holiday temperatures that chums at work were expecting I'd find.

The library's open 7 days a week, so if I'm bored and done all my chores tomorrow (need to go check out some more carpet) I might be back in. I don't see a USB socket here, and I've forgotten all my leads this weekend anyway (even my IPOD charger, doh) so unfortunately I can't truly photo-journalise and send snaps of just how lovely it is here today.

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