Blog2018 ≫ Cold, dark, raining

It's getting dark at 4pm, and the heating has come on. Am WFH today and it's miserable out. As usual for a Thursday I didn't get a proper lunch break, because I have to take my lunch late to do school pickups, and then I'm working right up to the wire.

Supposed to be going out on a work meal tonight, but now not. We did go out last night for the semi-regular Wednesday night cheap pizza at Follies, as it was pay day. Very nice and relaxing.

Back to the original plan of me taking number two son swimming. It went, uh, SWIMMINGLY on Tuesday, really good. Seeing as he has only just moved up into the next group he was clearly the best in the group. We're in the weird situation again where one of the instructors who seems to float around and instruct sometimes is the grandmother of one of the kids in his group. So she gets constant attention and the other kids less so. Still, he did amazingly, and I hope he does again tonight.

Then I might go to the Inn Doors after that is all done and I've had my tea! I do need the step count, as all I have done is two school runs today. I will get back into the running next week...

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