Blog2018 ≫ Green tag day

Boys back to school today, first proper day of term on a Wednesday makes a very short week back. Especially as we have birthday excitement on Friday.

Green Tag Day today, we remembered that at least - wear your own clothes, as green as you like. We got an awesome t-shirt yesterday for thing two with a dinosaur on it made of sequins. Brush the sequins one way and the dinsaur is blue, brush them the other way and it turns green. Also got a t-shirt like this for thing one but one way it is the Spiderman logo and the other way it is Captain America - not green unfortunately, shame there wasn't a Hulk one.

What we did forget though was the purpose of the green tag day - you're supposed to bring in a donation of plants or seeds or gro-bags or something for the school. We put some money in an envelope at the last minute instead...

I'm WFH tomorrow too which will make the week nice and easy too. Same amount of work of course, but with no "commute" and being on hand to do school runs and things it simplifies the day

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