Blog2006 ≫ Now that's just mean

In the same weekend that the whole nation gets weepy about one (1) dead whale1, there's more news about brazillions of grey squirrels being culled.

Great weekend of comedy and sort of DIY. Went to the Lanterns comedy night Saturday, and quite literally moved some furniture.

Tried, and failed to resist getting a coffee on the way into work today. They (Pret) quite often mess it up, with me not noticing until I get to work. Also at 1.25 a day, that's 6.75 a week, that's over 300 a year... hmm, when I started doing the maths I was hoping cutting the caffeine it would pay for a telly in no time, but maybe not. We are going to get a new telly though, and soon. The lounge is now looking pretty damn cool, we have our new bookcases in place, and they're all stacked up with my intellectual texts and Clare's yards of embarrassing Terry Pratchett cough. This has meant the boxes that were scattered about the place are now on their way out, and the feng of the place is more or less shuied. Next steps then:

Be about time to move out after that.

Sunday Clare and I went for a bit of a stroll downtown too, to check out a new cafe we'd heard about (it was shut) and see if any progress had been made on the town centre redevelopment (no).

Hmm here's a view of Folkestone, from the BBC, that was five years ago now though, has it improved much..? Also loving this fake rock story, it's given me ideas of where to hide my new camera.

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