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⬆️The Darkness play Brixton, slight return

Just heard from someone else who got standing tickets first attempt... It's clearly some sort of hate campaign, if I choose 2 "best available" it offers me:


and if I choose "downstairs standing" (2 again) it gives me

Sorry, we are unable to fulfill your specific request. However, there may still be tickets for this event. Please try the following:

* Try decreasing the number of tickets you are requesting.
* Try selecting a different seating area.
* Try a different date or time of day.
* If you are still unsuccessful, we may have sold out of our current allocation for this event.
  Check back later as additional tickets may become available.

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Somehow it has recognised from cookies or something that I am an old giffer and I should be upstairs anyway... sod it, going to go anyway with the tickets I have (can't really afford to buy more) and try a sneaky switcheroo to get in downstairs, it worked OK for the Pixies...

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