Blog2007 ≫ There is another UK Skink doing the rounds

This from a press release from January last year:

LONDON: It needs a brave soul and a strong stomach to have dinner with Arthur Boyt.

For he is a connoisseur of roadkill flesh, and among the dishes served in his kitchen are casseroles made from squashed badger, hedgehog, otter, rat, rabbit or pheasant.

And his recipes may soon gain a wider following, because he hopes to publish a roadkill cookery book.

Mr Boyt, 66, who used to work in the fire protection business, has tucked into a labrador - just like a nice piece of lamb - two lurchers (hunting dogs), cats and a great horseshoe bat, not to mention squirrels, foxes, mice, deer and pigeon. He even brought a dead porcupine back from holiday in Canada. He has a weasel in the freezer but thinks it is too smelly to eat, and he has just picked up a barn owl he is keen to taste.

But his favourite snack is badger sandwich. He is partial to the badger head, which he says includes four distinctive tastes: the jaw muscles, salivary glands, tongue and brains.

Maybe the two of them will meet up and fight to see who is king of the UK roadkill - the loser gets run over and eaten, obviously.

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