Blog2018 ≫ No park run in Central London

so I am off the hook BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED for the weekend... I will be back for my Park Run in Folkestone next Saturday. Oh yeah I will be in London Saturday morning. I don't normally say stuff like this in advance do I, in case you rob my house... however I know these updates take a while to appear AND Jim is sitting in here with the boys for us.

No run this morning the weather was mental. Have had a reasonable couple of rides (mostly) to and from work. Am wondering if I could ride the final bit and just cycle completely to and from work every day? I'm doing about 3/4 of it.

In good news, I have fixed my scrobbling1 again. It has not been working since we linked Spotify to the Google Home, and I blamed that. It has meant that only tracks played on Spotify counted towards "my favourite tracks" as displayed over in the sidebar there somewhere 👉 which has meant a whole lot of Clare's pump class tracks appearing, but also Kiss Crazy Crazy Nights. It's the boys asking for that honest. Anyway all turns out to be user error, when I set up spotify I changed the password on something. So it's all back now and Megadeth and Wolfsbane will rise to the top again...

Got the afternoon off tomorrow.

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