Blog2006 ≫ Spoiler alert!

Got something I want to say about Lost, so trying out a new "spoiler" bbcode type tag, so I can post things and you only read them if you really really want to:

[spoiler Lost S02E18]Haha was just expounding this same theory about Lost1 at work, my colleague googled for the book title and we found that site... I think they're all mental, most of them are being torn apart by guilt because they've killed someone. The idea of it all going on in one person's head a la "I Am The Cheese" seems to have been denied by the creators though.[/spoiler]

Hmm, might not display anything at all, more work to be done on this... and now it's done, and it's not really much of a spoiler at all. You want to read it don't you? If you have a spoiler for a TV show to post here wrap it in [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] and use the "preview" button to make sure it doesn't show...

To avoid more spoilers (and misleading distractions - some are official Lost sites, some are fan sites), don't click these links either:

lost.cubit.net2 lost4815162342.com3 thetailsection.com4 lostpedia.com5 minnesotametallurgy.com6 thewidmoregroup.com7 garytroup.net8 hansogroup.com9 gallery.thewidmoregroup.com10 mrclucks.com11

All just fan sites. I think. Maybe wikipedia is the place to go, though I don't know... [spoiler]What's this one then12? Is it real? Is it a film within Lost? Have the makers of lost snuck that into IMDB?[/spoiler] There are so many levels to this I'm starting to believe that the majority of the internet is only there to mislead Lost viewers...

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