Blog2003 ≫ Weekend review

Smashing weekend in Folkestone, they now have a hexagonal pool table1 in The Front2, it's quite good, but we prefer a full sized table. It rotates smoothly so you can stand in the same position to take any shot, so you don't need space all round the table. I've seen one before, in the Bold Forester in Southsea, but I had no idea where to get one... until now3. Not sure I'll hire one, though it could be a money spinner... aha, "spinner"... Anyway, we also sat upstairs in The Front, nice, comfortable sofas and that, and quiet as it was the afternoon. No real ales on there, but they had Speckled Hen in bottles. Also went to The Harbour (can find no mention of this pub online, is it a ghost pub4? Anyway, pool table, nice log fire, but no real ales), Harvey's, and the always fantastic Chambers.

Went to see the flat, it's nice but not the one. Good to see what sort of places I could afford, now will have to really knuckle down and see more.

We scored a bit of a Brucey-Bonus at the comedy show last night, which was nice.

I am in credit to the tune of ONE PUNCH now, we went to a Greek restaurant5 on Saturday night, Dom picked it and said if there was nothing I could eat, I could punch him. The only vege main course was some sort of cream stew, I'm going to take a run up for this one... or maybe not, I had half a dozen side dishes instead, far too much food.

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