Blog1998 ≫ Barfly

Barfly are part of the company that I work for1, they run venues in Camden (AKA The Monarch2), Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and York. I've made a calendar system for them that updates their website, and am currently expanding this.

In a bizarre small world sort of way, I built a content management system for them over five years ago, but I didn't finish it and it all fizzled out... if they had, how different would things have been? I may have been more instrumental in the formation of Channelfly, and history would have been rewritten, popex may never have gone professional...

Some of the output of the system I made is still available online here3, no idea why...

Early version of Barfly website screenshot 1

Early version of Barfly website screenshot 2

Barfly listings from 1999

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