Kevin Bridges now headlining Lone Star Comedy

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Kevin Bridges now headlining Lone Star Comedy

19th December nearly sold out though

Very excited! We have been given Kevin Bridges for the 19th December who is massive at the moment (on Michael McIntyre road show and on Live at the Apollo soon and sold out 25 dates at Edinburgh during the Festival) See below for biography etc. This means the previous Headliner Phil Butler is now the support act!

ACT NOW to secure your place even though you are invited it will still be first come served and there are only 150 places!


The Lanterns will have an Xmas theme; all the tables will have party poppers, hats and crackers.

The package includes:

Full programme of Comedy

Big bowl of Nachos in the interval provided by Escondido Mexican Restaurant

A Free drink from the bar

Table service for drinks throughout the event

Dancing until 1.00 am

The Price is 15 per person

Local boy, Mark Simmons, will compere the Evening

Phil Butler

Phil Butler has always been a popular act, even in the early days when he was serving his apprenticeship in holiday parks, end of the pier shows, pantos and cruise ships. These were happy times for Phil, especially being part of big production shows, where he could show off his other talents like singing and dancing. Soon he found himself starring in these big shows, playing the comic lead in pantomime and seeing his name in lights with shows such as 'Phil Butler's Christmas Party' in Blackpool and 'Seaside Special' which is the UKs number one summer show.

Wanting to explore other avenues and experience new challenges, in 2001 he joined the UK comedy circuit, where he is now found closing the show at all the major comedy clubs such as 'Jongleurs Comedy Clubs', 'The Comedy Club', 'The Glee Club' & 'The Banana Comedy Club'. Phil has also had the great honour of performing for our British troops in Iraq and more recently Afghanistan.

Dipping his toe into an acting career he had a cameo role in BBC's 'Hotel Babylon' and a TV advert for the AA. He is currently producing and hosting a Pod cast called 'THE GREEN ROOM' which is recorded backstage on the comedy circuit with interviews and clips of the show. It's a free pod cast available at; or on itunes.

Phil is looking forward to the online release of his 21st anniversary DVD toward the end of this year.

"Phil Butler's got it all ... unique, original and hilarious" - The Stage and Television Today

"Without doubt, one of the most exciting and original finds in comedy in recent years" - The Guardian

"Phil brought the house down with a truly original and riotous act of visual comedy" The Mirror

Kevin Bridges

What a year it's been for Scotland's fastest rising comedy star! He sold out the Glasgow Comedy Festival, then sold out 25 nights at the Edinburgh Fringe. Now it's the Glasgow SECC's turn where Kevin is to record his debut DVD - released by Universal Pictures/Open Mike Productions in November 2010.

You've seen him on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow (BBC1), 8 Out Of 10 Cats (Channel 4) and The World Stands Up (Paramount)

And you will be able to catch Kevin on the new series of 'Live At The Apollo'

"Just naturally very, very funny. Let's just call his talent frightening" - The Scotsman

Despite having not set foot in a comedy club before his first open mic spot in 2004, Kevin's natural gift for comedy has ensured he has become a regular at major comedy clubs up and down the country including The Comedy Store, The Glee Club, and Jongleurs.

In 2006 he performed his debut solo show to critical acclaim at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, in addition to television and radio work including appearances on The Comedy Store, The World Stands Up (for Paramount Comedy) and most recently Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow.

"Young comedy prodigy" - The Guardian

"Inventive, incisive stuff - astute observations, social awareness and sharp lines" - Chortle

"Hilarious observations. One of the hottest properties on the stand up scene" - Edinburgh Evening News

"This young stand-up is currently sweeping all before him, with a raft of fresh material every time you see him. Not just a talent to watch but one to envy, too" - The Herald

"A hot new name on the circuit this absurdly confident Scotsman is a natural performer with a gift for storytelling" -

"A master of stand-up at just 22. This is unmissable stuff" - the Mirror.

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