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Again a bit late... Yep Folkestone is crap for bars and cafes. Also, the Quarter ceased in August 2005 unfortunately because they all needed to make a living and it was mainly self funded. However, should you want a good coffee, better than Chambers, then try Sweet Rendezvous on Rendezvous Street (opposite Wetherspoons), which is run by 2 poles who used to work in The Spence in Stoke Newington, funnily enough and where I used to live for a couple of years. They make all their own bread, on the day, and cakes with no additives and preservatives, and certainly not de-frosted like Luca's on Guildhall Street. Plus, the coffee is proper.Well it isn't Tchibo thats for sure. Things will improve, once the Foster Partners Harbour Development goes ahead, but not if the seafront does.Aaaah...I've just seen you moved to Folkestone. So you will probably know all that.


💬 Yes, moved here (to Folkestone) full time back in April

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