Blog2008 ≫ Today I invented a brilliant new thing, called "podcasts"

Was surfing for news of Kid Rock yesterday, as a friend has been working with him and I was wondering if she'd show up in any paparazzi shots of him stumbling out of nightclubs or anything. No joy there, but he was interviewed by the Guardian yesterday, and not only do they make the audio available, they add it to their daily podcast. I didn't know they did one, this is great and I have subscribed. Listened to my first one today on my way in to work. I feel I am informed about news and current affairs now, and no inky fingers.

You might recall this post from nearly four years ago about podcasting, I remember those days fondly, the discovery of a great new concept for free content every day. The main problem with podcasts is that all of the content is utter crap, back then I used to listen to Adam Curry's "Daily Sourcecode", the best of a very bad bunch but I got fed up with that pretty quickly too. I've given up on just about all of it, the last one I've clung on to is Iain Lee's Lost podcast1, and even that's finished now the series has (and no I'm not going to talk about that, it just annoys me). So, it's a treat to find some high quality content, courtesy of The Guardian.

Another one I'm trying out (they are creeping back in to my life) is Beginning Guitar 1012, some video lessons, seems quite good.

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