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Programming idea for the day! Instead of me trying to convince everyone to stop using bloody spreadsheet for everything, and use a system of mine instead, why not modify my systems to read a real excel spreadsheet! It's going to be impossible to convince people that my system is simpler and more logical if they're still attached to their spreadsheets, what they'll start doing is using the spreadsheet still and then copying and pasting over to the web forms at the end, then they'll realise they're doing more work, so then they'll stop doing it altogether... SO, if for say the gig guide I can offer the option to just upload a spreadsheet, and have the computer do all the work, it'll save everyone a lot of time...

SO, need to find perl excel modules1, there must be some out there... the next option would be just to say "please export your spreadsheet as a tab delimited file and then click here", but even that will be offputting to some...

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