Blog2004 ≫ Back in the O.F.I.S.

All network issues resolved, so no real excuse to work from home today, big shame. Hot again, that's possibly reason enough.

Spotted from the bus Brownswood Library on Manor Road now has big signs up saying it's protected by Camelot Property1, sure to be developed soon. Also spotted on the bus, so I thought, Victor from Big Brother. But it wasn't him at all.

RANK smell on the Northern Line this morning, thought for a second of poisoned gas attacks, but then thought if I was making a poison gas I'd make it smell of something pleasant something so people would go "aah, bisto" and inhale it all. Not of fish that had been left out in the sun. I had to change carriages, blee.

That's "office" really, it doesn't stand for anything.

💬 ever since

💬 fast innit

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