Hmm this confused me on my bank statement. I was checking it today after dismissing Dad's concerns about contactless payment and saying I don't bother to check my statements very closely. So who are APLEONA HSG LTD MOTHERWELL GB and why did they take £1 from me by contactless payment? Their website looks very vague, plausibly corporate, but saying nothing I can understand, like it could be a front.

Took me ages to work out I used my card to pay for parking in Ashford yesterday, on the confusing machine. That was one pound, and that is that.

It's pay day today, it's that good day when the money has come in, but none as gone out yet. The direct debits etc will go out on the 2nd now because of the bank holiday, so I can virtually roll about in it today.

Working from home today, may not even finish that early as there's no need. Going to go to the Inn Doors later but still undecided whether to stay out for the duration or not.

Watched the final part of ABC Murders yesteray. I liked the production of it, and John Malkovich was great, but I didn't really like the ending of it. Not sure about what they did with Poirot's back story in this one. It did keep us guessing, though we must have seen the story before.

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