Blog2010 ≫ Snow joke getting in today

Still got a lot of snow here, did I mention it?

National Rail1 said there were no delays on my route between Folkestone and Westenhanger this morning and BBC Breakfast were obviously fed the same lie. Got to the station, earlier trains had not yet run, no danger of one running soon either. Guard on the platform said there was an engineer on the way to sort a frozen rail, the announcement on the train said replacement buses were on the way. So, headed home to dig our little frozen car out. It was under something like six to eight inches of snow, nice that it was all still intact and hadn't been scraped off for snowballs or anything. There really was a lot of snow about. Going back to get the car gave me an excuse to pick up the camera that I'd forgotten earlier. Lots of snow all around the car but I got it moving OK.

Roads near us were pack ice was very slow going to get out of Folkestone, but once I got to the motorway it was clear. Got to work nearly an hour late, about an hour and a half after I set out.

Watched Lost again, it was rubbish. What are they playing at having the first three episodes of the series telling us nothing taking us nowhere, introducing tonnes of new characters that they can't have time to develop. If it wasn't so close to the very end, I would stop watching.

Playing with Google Buzz at the moment, I like it but it's a bit slow moving at the moment. A lot of people seem to be upset that it's going to puncture their fascinating online personalities, oh no! Got to be a good thing. Still off Twitter at work as the twitkit firefox plugin2 I use does not work with the new Firefox. Or maybe it does now, off to look...

Glad it's Friday. Meant to be going to Water Babies in the morning again, I could do with it being snowed off as I have a cold again, bah. Looking forward to a glass or three of vino collapso this evening. Still not drinking in the week, go me! Friday counts as the weekend, obviously, though I have not yet shifted this to allow for Thursday being the new Friday or anything.

Have wasted too much of my lunch break writing this! Off for food and a read of my book, eyes away from the screen for a bit. Maybe take some more pictures of the snow...

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