Blog2018 ≫ Crazy weather yesterday

I worked from home yesterday, just about had time for a lunchtime walk, Thursdays are always hectic for some reason. Weather was so weird...

I had to wear my waterproof on the way out as it was drizzling. STRANGE mist rolling along the ground, really thick, I thought it was smoke at first. Before I'd got as far as the seafront the rain was booting it down, I would have been drenched without my lovely new North Face jacket. Then as I got to Sandgate, time to stop and turn back, the sun was out, hot, I had to take the jacket off. Real tropical extremes of weather in the space of about half an hour.

Still, got my steps in, have not missed my 10k since I do not know when. I may be in with a chance in this week's work week hustle, but we'll see. Clare is off work today...

10k: Ten kilometres, about six miles in old money. Sometimes talking about 10,000 steps though, an arbitrary daily step-count target.

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