Blog2007 ≫ Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday?

Just in from work too late, this Habitat Radius tallboy1 that I was after just went, for 360 quid, and it was in Kent, bah. As always, I should have put in a higher bid to start with, but not being around at the end of the auction I'm sure I would have missed out.

Had a couple of days out ill this week, too ill even for computering, a strange flu like virus that absolutely knocked me over. Better now, but still aching. The most annoying bit of this was missing last night's Megadeth gig. How often are a band who were one of my absolute favourites (er, a few years ago) going to come to Folkestone? I paid cash money for the tickets too, and had no time to offload them. Clare was secretly pleased I think. UPDATE: NOT glad I was ill, but glad not to have to go to the gig, of course... She was worried that I was ill and would rather have gone through a couple of hours of twiddling metal than see me sick.

Got a fairly active weekend this weekend, Emma's visiting and we're off for tea at Escondido tomorrow, plus a bit of pubbing I'm sure. Tonight, will be going out somewhere, but then again there's part two of Dalziel and Pascoe on TV. I'm half way through a Reginald Hill audio book at the moment, Death's Jest Book, and it's brilliant. His books get better as the series progresses, don't know what I'm going to do when I've finished the lot, read more Rebus I reckon.

Bums, I really wanted that chest of drawers.

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