Blog2011 ≫ Confusing new year

At what point do we say we're giving up drinking?

Happy new year everyone. With new years day being a Saturday, at what point am I supposed to say I am giving up drinking? We had a lovely evening last night, just the two of us eating, drinking and watching TV after the boy had gone to bed. Watched one of the new Marples, The Blue Geranium that was quite good, I sussed it RIGHT out though. Then Coach Trip that we had recorded on E4, I thought we had seen all the old series but found one that we did not recognise, maybe it's one we came in on the middle of though.

We had some good wine, a d'Arenberg1 Footbolt Shiraz1 that @marcgreenstock had recommended, and then put BBC1 on and opened some champagne as the bongs started on Big Ben. I tried to fire the champagne cork off the balcony but it ricocheted all around and did not go far. Nice to be able to stand out on the balcony at a point like this, even though a) it was freezing, and b) I was looking in to the flat at the fireworks on TV as there was not a lot to see out to sea... Is talking about champagne on the balcony just a bit too wanky though? Sorry...

So at what point do I claim to be giving up booze then? It's Saturday today, we still have half a bottle of champagne in the fridge that is nicely sealed up with a clever device Clare got a few christmasses ago, plus beers, cider, white wine, and a few nice bottles of red. And it's Saturday, and then tomorrow is a Sunday with no work the next day, so an abstinential start to the new year does not seem likely. Plus next Saturday, 8th of Jan we are off to see Richard Herring in London. Comedy sober is not as good as comedy with a drink, even when it is @Herring1967 at the Leicester Squre Theatre, which has a nice bar in the auditorium, hmm. Maybe a booze free February is on the cards, or maybe I'll just start being sensible.

Chin chin! Happy New Year!

💬 Richard Herring, Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming


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